The quality of the best offices without maintenance costs. The main benefit of having an office within a coworking is the fact that the costs and stress of maintaining the office disappear. Enjoying a space without having to worry about its maintenance allows you to get the most out of your time and work activities, having more time to socialize and share with others. The offices are made for people and companies that enjoy having a private space.



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Exclusive offices in our coworking

If you are looking for a space that provides exclusivity and privacy, but you try to avoid the high costs of conventional office rentals, this is the best option we have for you. With this plan, both you and your company can enjoy an exclusive office that can be shared with a/some colleagues, being an office for your use.

Offices are a perfect opportunity to maintain privacy and enjoy the benefits of any conventional office. In addition, you can enjoy a large space of common areas, with a kitchen, terrace, and unique halls. These spaces promote the creation of prosperous and favorable relationships for entrepreneurs seeking to develop their business. Do not hesitate and take the opportunity to be part of the Goya Smart Coworking community.


Services included in our coworking space

Front Desk Service

Wi-Fi access

Mailing Services (See rates)

Prime location with views at Goya Street

Rooms with video beams and flip charts

Comfortable halls and kitchen with terrace

Do you want to know more about our offices?

If you still have doubts about this rate, here we show you some questions that our clients usually ask us.

How many people can use the office?

The office is designed for the use of 1 or 2 people in the case of individual offices or up to 12 people in private offices. If they are used by more people, it will increase by 10% per user. This increase is due to the redistribution of space and the amplitude that is needed, being a contractual increase.

If I have several companies, can I domicile them at Goya Smart Coworking?

The registered address plan offered only includes one company, so you must choose which of them you prefer to register with Goya Smart Coworking. If you want more tax residences, there is a separate service that allows you to residence the ones you need and includes various packages that adapt to your needs.

Who oversees maintaining the space?

Goya Smart Coworking is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the contracted space. Coworkers should focus on working and creating good relationships in a first-rate work environment while we take care of leaving the space maintained and clean, always leaving it enjoyable to work.

Are the amenities extra or are they included in the price?

When an office is rented with Goya Smart Coworking, all the amenities consumed are included in the price. We ask coworkers to be aware of their consumption, but water and electricity are included in our rates. That said, those who rent offices do not have to worry about any extra consumption in terms of water and electricity, so they can dedicate all their energy to work.

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