The flexible posts are designed for all those who want to enjoy the freedom of movement and the constant change of their workplace. Always working from the Coworking Room, people with flexible positions can move between sofas, individual and group tables, always meeting new people and adapting to a new work environment. Connect with many while you do your work, always keeping the respect for the rest of the people who occupy the room.


180€/Month Plus VAT

* Plus VAT


Our flexible posts rate offers you the opportunity to enjoy a shared space with other coworkers. You will be able to develop your business idea, create new ideas, and work in a unique environment that will allow you to carry out your daily tasks with the maximum effectiveness, efficiency, and flexibility possible. This product adapts to the needs of customers, having 100% flexibility depending on your needs and being able to choose between part-time or full-time. With this plan you will enjoy the experience in the purest style of a coworking space, with total freedom to sit where you want (always depending on the availability).

You will also have at your disposal a place where you will find both areas, for work and for leisure, having an important balance in your working day and giving you the opportunity to establish contacts and start relationships with other coworker. In addition, you will be able to carry out multiple activities that will allow you to achieve good professional development and create new strategic alliances for the progressive growth of your business. All this, at an irresistible price, with some of the best views of the center of Madrid, and a privileged location.

Services included in our coworking space

Front Desk Service

Wi-Fi access

Mailing Services (See rates)

Prime location with views at Goya Street

Rooms with video beams and flip charts

Comfortable halls and kitchen with terrace

Do you want to know more about our flexible positions?

If you still have doubts about this rate, here are some questions that our
clients usually ask us.

Can I come with someone to my flexible post?

If you plan to go to the coworking with someone, you should consult with us and notify us in advance. Depending on the day and your needs, you can always negotiate the punctual accompaniment.

Do I have a restricted access schedule?

Your access hours with this plan will be from 9:30-19:30 and depending on the rate you choose. You must take into account that you will only be able to access from Monday to Friday working days and according to the calendar of the Community of Madrid.

Do I have to pay to use common areas like the kitchen?

No, the use of the common areas is included in the rate, and you will have full access to the places reserved for leisure and relaxation. The only room that you will pay extra for its use is the Meeting Room, which has a cost of 10€ per hour for coworkers (20€ per hour for non-coworkers).

Are there any other out-of-rate expenses?

The only out-of-fee expense is the printing expense, which is quite cheap since it only seeks to cover costs for the Coworking. It can be printed in black and white or in color, and in different sizes (A3 and A4), which have different printing prices.
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