Spaces Coworking in Madrid

Coworking Room – Flexible Posts and Events

Described by many as a room with a unique view, coworkers can choose the post they want the most. Whether you want to work from a sofa, or from a high table, share a large table or sit in an individual table, you feel that where you sit you will be able to appreciate the light and the perception of a room that extends to the sky of Madrid. If you are looking for a flexible, comfortable place with an informal touch where you can work and interact with other entrepreneurs, this is your room. A space designed for you to interact with others, having the possibility of meeting new and different people. Probably a unique room in Madrid.

Fixed Posts Room

Goya Smart Coworking has two spaces designed for more steady positions. These spaces have fixed posts that are perfect for entrepreneurs and small teams that are looking for some stability and want to share with other professional. While Room B is designed for people looking for a more vital environment, Room C is perfect for concentrating as it is our room of silence. Both with views of Goya Street, the rooms provide coworkers with a unique opportunity as a workplace. With the stability of an office but the social benefits of a coworking, fixed posts are a leading product within Goya Smart Coworking.

Board Room

We have a meeting room with capacity for 8 people and equipped with TV with HDMI and other compatible ports, air conditioning, flipchart and whiteboard, all included for 20 € / h (10 € / h for coworkers). The room rental includes access to common areas and complementary coworking services (kitchen, terrace, printer...).

Express Rooms

Rooms designed to have those conversations that need focus and/or confidentiality. You get a long call, you need to concentrate with your colleagues on a project, you have a videoconference with your client and your partner and each one is on one side of the world, that nowadays does not matter. However, you need a private space where you do not bother others. For these cases, we have our Express Rooms, which are exclusively designed to keep your conversations confidential while you close that business you wanted so much, have the meeting you need, or finish the project you worked so hard on.

Private Offices

Individual offices that are perfect for all those people and small companies that want to have their personal space. A private option that allows you to have your own space, unique, and organized to your liking for your use at any time. With the possibility of offering a unique experience, these offices allow you to have those meetings that you need so much in a private way, work several people in the same space, and access the position 24 hours a day. Furthermore, they offer the chance of sharing and interacting with the rest of the coworkers in the halls or the kitchen, always accompanied by an excellent energy.


An appetizing and modern space connected through a bar with the Coworking Room. This place is designed so that coworkers can take their time to eat or enjoy a coffee. The kitchen is a space distributed and designed so that people allow themselves that break that they like so much: the food break. However, it is also designed so that people can go out to the terrace to breathe, and if there is an event, the window to the Coworking Room opens so that you can enjoy a good meal while someone presents their project. In short, the kitchen is a space for camaraderie, to disconnect a little when the mind is already squeezed.

Hall and Views

The hall is a space designed so that people can sit quietly to clear their minds. Many sit down to enjoy their WhatsApp, catch up on Facebook or Instagram, or just read something. It is designed so that people can change the environment and relax in an inviting common area where they can rest for a moment. Also, it works like a waiting room where all clients who cannot be attended immediately can be in a comfortable and quiet space. All this while enjoying unique views of the La Concepción Church, admiring its great beauty and unique style in the center of the city.
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