Being a business owner is an exciting challenge that can also be overwhelming. At times, it can be hard to find time to disconnect and step back to get a global vision of your project. At Goya Smart Coworking, we have the best human team that will always be ready to help clients achieve their professional goals while enjoying our facilities to the fullest. Being a Smart Coworker implies being part of a dynamic community that will help you relaunch your creativity and grow your business! We want you to feel the comfort of your home but at the office. For this reason, the team plans specific and thematic events so that all entrepreneurs can socialize, have fun for a while and recharge their batteries. Entertainment, networking, and activities are also part of the life of entrepreneurs.

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Weekly Events


Who doesn’t like ice cream? We love them!

To welcome summer and refresh the coworking for the warm-up, at Goya Smart Coworking we enjoyed an ice cream tasting. We enjoyed different flavors, from the most classic like strawberry or chocolate, to more extravagant flavors like the coriander and lime detox ice cream!

We had such a good time that we left them frozen!


During this event, the Smart Coworkers enjoyed an energetic meal full of vitamins in the middle of the week.

We ate healthy dishes full of color and joy, which helped us recharge our batteries, while we chatted and enjoyed ourselves with people.

Up with the vitamins, let’s put aside the laptop and enjoy with the people!

Smart Talk

What better way to increase your networking and professional and personal knowledge than by listening to other entrepreneurs?

At Goya Smart Coworking, we have numerous entrepreneurs. From time to time, we organize conferences where our Smart Coworkers share with us experiences, successes, challenges, and learnings.

In addition, this event allows us to meet in a more informal space and catch up on our progress, daily struggles and share them with a few laughs and a few beers.


Do you need to make a presentation, some coaching, team building or event? Goya Smart Coworking is your place!

As an entrepreneur, it is difficult to overcome certain challenges. Sometimes we just need to think “out of the box” and get out of the comfort zone to find new ideas. Being a Smart Coworker is being part of a dynamic community that can help you relaunch your creativity and grow your business. Feel free and supported to organize an event that stimulates the minds of all, propose a meeting to think or share the latest inspiring book that you have read (or written).

Our event room, an exclusive room that stands out for the entrance of natural light throughout the day and has spectacular views of Goya Street that will impact all your attendees. Equipped with premium furniture, the space has the best technology: cybersecurity to prevent possible data theft, high-speed Internet, television (with adapters for both PC and Mac) and projector. In addition, it has a system air conditioning, so you can regulate the temperature and ensure comfort during your event.

Another service that we have at our events is the catering service, from the most premium quality (Embassy) to more standard qualities (Viena Capellanas).

Everything you imagine and more is possible at Goya Smart Coworking, come and see for yourself now!

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