Fixed Posts – Option 24/7

Enjoy a space created by and for your needs. This space is created with the intention of assigning a fixed work position to obtain some stability within the coworking. Located in Rooms B or C, people will have their own place with their respective organizer, sharing the space with other people but always maintaining the same location within the coworking.

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Fixed posts are a key space within any coworking. Having the possibility of a permanent position, people take this option because of the stability it provides. Furthermore, there is a rate that allows access to the coworking 24 hours a day, 365 days (24/7). Fixed posts offer people the opportunity to have personal desk where they can perform all the work activities necessary for their company, which is quite positive.

The rate also includes the use of the common areas of the place, these being more than 120m2 of the coworking space. Finally, you can forget about the worries of not having a place to work if your business involves a time difference with your clients or your colleagues. Start enjoying the advantages offered by the possibility of hiring this product with Goya Smart Coworking.


Services included in our coworking space

Front Desk Service

Wi-Fi access

Mailing Services (See rates)

Prime location with views at Goya Street

Rooms with video beams and flip charts

Comfortable halls and kitchen with terrace

Do you want to know more about our flexible positions?

If you still have doubts about this rate, here we show you some questions that our clients usually ask us.

Can I come with someone to my fixed position?

If you plan to go to the coworking with someone, you should consult with us and notify us in advance. Depending on the day and your needs, you can always negotiate the punctual accompaniment.

Can I go to the office on holidays?

You will have the keys to access the coworking, so you will not have any problem to be able to go to your fixed position. However, to work outside of normal hours, it will be necessary to hire the 24/7 plan.

Is the reception available 24 hours?

The reception hours are only during office hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. During these hours, the reception will attend the coworkers and will receive any letter or package that arrives at the venue on their behalf.

Are there any other out-of-rate expenses?

The only expense outside the fee is the printing service, which is quite cheap since it only seeks to cover costs for the coworking part, and the Meeting Room, which is priced at €10 per hour for coworkers.

Any other doubt?

Ask us and we will answer as soon as possible.

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