Goya Smart Coworking  was born from a family tradition of entrepreneurs. Three generations of entrepreneurs who seek to generate a community around a workspace where its members can develop profitable commercial projects based on collaboration, environmental sustainability, and positive social impact.


A deep respect and admiration for people who dare to face new adventures.


A creative spirit, capable of turning everything upside down, even literally if necessary, to find a new point of view, a new way of approaching each situation


An old office with a new and sustainable spirit.

Our Values



We live in a city of continuous transformation and development where people from all over the world enjoy living. Madrid is part of a globalized world, and Smart Coworking has been created as a place where people can meet and share from their different cultures. multiculturalism is an essential key to developing your business and growing both personally and professionally, being a Smart Coworker is becoming part of a growing and diverse community.



We believe that a Coworking is much more than an office space. It has to do with the people and the community that is generated within. Because working can be hard and lonely, Smart Coworking gives you the opportunity to work with others in a motivating and inspiring environment. We want to offer a space to create and exchange, share ideas, and learn, find new opportunities, and be inspired by ideas and the work of awakened and creative minds.



A significant part of the global environmental impact comes from office spaces. At Smart Coworking we want to collaborate to reduce this impact. That is why we have partnered with Fair Trade producers, and we try every day to reduce our ecological footprint. Help us save our planet, day by day, working with us to make workspaces more sustainable.

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