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Coworking in Madrid

Coworking in Madrid

Drop by soon, increase your network by meeting new professionals or sharing on a coffee break. We are a coworking where creative talents and success stories meet.

Discover Goya Smart Coworking, a community of coworkers located in the emblematic Barrio de Salamanca. Our workspaces have large windows that allow natural light to enter, achieving the perfect environment for a greater work performance with spectacular views.

In our facilities, we have different spaces that adapt for you and your company depending on your individual needs. You can find fixed and flexible positions, shared offices, private offices, rooms for meetings and events… with prices ranging from €20/day to €600/month. All our prices offer you access to our common areas such as halls or our kitchen with a terrace overlooking the La Concepción Church on Goya Street, where you can enjoy a good coffee break while networking with the rest of coworkers for inside and outside matters.

Differentiate yourself from others by enjoying our service of social address and tokens on Google Maps for companies. Goya Smart Coworking, located in the heart of the Salamanca district, creates a very positive image for third-party companies.

Rates that adapt to you

At Goya Smart Coworking, we know that all professionals have the different needs, so we offer different plans to work, meet and even organize conferences in the coworking.

Flexibility for accessing the coworking.

We put at your disposal the possibility of attending every day of the year. You can come during working hours and even only for a few hours.

Coworking in the Emblematic Neighborhood of Salamanca, Madrid.

Goya Smart Coworking, a coworking located in the most emblematic area of the Capital, is a place where you will achieve the perfect balance to balance your personal and professional life. The Salamanca Neighborhood is an ideal place for the development of both your professional and personal activities. Multitude of restaurants, gyms and exclusive shops are located at its heart, being a place where you can disconnect and even have meetings at amazing places. In addition, it is located a few meters from the Retiro Park, where you can walk, ride in the boats or escape to practice exercise in what is considered the Madrid’s lung.

We have have perfect transportation to reach our facilities. Public transport offers a multitude of options to get to Goya Smart Coworking. Many bus and metro lines will allow you to reach our location. However, if you prefer to come in your own vehicle, you have several parkings few meters from our offices.

An Environmentally Friendly Coworking Space in Madrid

We are aware that it is necessary to contribute with the environment, which is the reason why we are an eco-friendly coworking space that tries to minimize the negative footprint it leaves on the planet.
Thanks to our large windows, we get natural light that allows us to reduce our energy consumption. Moreover, we have a recycling system according to current times, having different types of waste disposal: organic, plastic, paper…

Goya Smart Coworking, an Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Goya Smart Coworking allows you the opportunity to work in a motivating and inspiring environment. We know the difficulties of starting the journey of a new business, we have lived it in our own skins. For this reason, we support and help entrepreneurs grow, offering unique advantages to take their ideas and make them a reality.

Our clients
Blog Coworking Madrid
Goya Smart Coworking is a place located in Madrid where you can develop your idea, business, and dreams. We offer an experience that will allow you to forget your typical “another day at the office” and have fun. A place where hard work and creativity fits perfectly together, with many fun, insightful, shareable moments, enjoying with an amazing view. An ecological oasis in the center of Madrid.
With spectacular view to the Goya Church, this coworking offers a perfect place to work, be, and create… In the dynamic neighborhood of Goya, this coworking could be a place to stop and recharge your energy. Close to the Retiro Park and many other sports facilities, enjoy of a peaceful moment while walking between trees or relax doing sports to be more focused and efficient.
Share, collaborate, and create synergies growing up your synergies and networking. We offer a space for dynamic entrepreneurs that look an opportunity to develop themselves personally and professionally in an ecological environment. We want to build a community where creating, exchanging, learning, finding, and inspiring is common and favorable for our development.
Furthermore, we have 5G Internet, wide desks, comfortable chairs, and amazing natural light throughout the day, allowing you to achieve more efficiency. We contemplate a variety of coworking services, from the most basic to the most complex: hourly, daily, monthly, or annually rates; fixed, flexible posts, alone or with your team… The idea is to carefully analyze your needs and possibilities to offer you the package that suits best for you. This is a coworking built thinking of you and what you need.
Enjoy on a professional and friendly environment, working with zero distractions and enjoying good coffee with our terrace and its views to the La Concepción Church in Goya Street. We put the community at the center of our business model, and we want our members to grow. That’s why we have tried to build a place where exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge, finding inspiration, and building collabs is common. It is a place that tries to combine work and social life in a healthy equilibrium.
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